Robi Clash of Clans Internet Pack

Robi Axiata 5th Apr 17 at 9:08am 2,874
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Robi Clash of Clans Internet Pack

For the first time in Bangladesh, Robi brings a Clash of Clans internet pack!

With a significant gaming community in Bangladesh, spanning across cities to small towns, avid Bangladeshi players will be elated at this offering, and they will now raise their own armies, from rage-filled Barbarians with glorious moustaches to pyromaniac wizards, and lead their Bangladeshi clans to victory!

▶User can play all games of Supercell, such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach

▶250MB 28Days 28Tk *123*405#

▶ Data Balance Check: *8444*88# and *123*3#

▶Multiple purchase: Yes

▶Auto renew: Yes

▶Usage time band: 24 hrs.

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